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Türkiye Yetkinlik Merkezi Açılış Konuşması , 17.09.2013

Goodafternoon ladies and gentleman,

I would like to extend my gratitude to IHK Pfalz, IHK Rhein Hessen and IHK Saarland for giving me the opportunity and the honour of making this speech for the inauguration of the Turkey Competence Centre

I would also like to sincerely greet all participants and speakers, who have travelled here from different cities of Germany and Turkey. I highly appreciate their presence and contributions.

I believe that today, with the opening of this centre, which is a result of the collective
efforts of the three IHK’s in this region, a remarkably fine example is set for others wishing to do business in Turkey.

It is my firm belief that the centre will be a great reference source for businessmen and women desiring to benefit from the opportunities that Turkish market offers.

In that respect I’d like to make an invitation to the entrepreneurs in our region to make good use of this Centre. On our part, I would like to reiterate that, our Consulate General has every intention to do so, by establishing close cooperation with the centre.

Turkey continues to offer opportunites for German entrepreneurs with its growing economy. Despite the unfavourable external factors it continues to grow and thus presents a bright future for the investors. The “Tiger of the Bosphorus” as İHK Pfalz calls it , is also a partner for making business in other regions from Middle East to Central Asia, Caucasus to North Africa.

In that respect, I believe that this center will also be an asset for those future partnerships and deep rooted friendship between Turkey and Germany.

In closing ladies and gentlemen, while thanking once again to three IHK’s for this oppportunity, I wish the best of success to the Kompentenzzentrum Türkei.

Hayırlı, uğurlu olsun.
Vielen dank.